Thursday, January 16, 2014

Learning New Things

My oh my! Can I just say that I am addicted to crochet!!
 I really didn't see this coming.
 My friend, Karen, causally mentioned that she was crocheting and I said, "I have always wanted to do that!" You see, I tried to learn from my Granny when I very young. It didn't stick. Karen suggested that I take a Craftsy class. A what? Can you believe that I had never ever heard of Craftsy? It's a whole new world folks!

 I took a beginners class. When I would get stuck I would go to YouTube. ( if you know what to search for, stitch wise, you can find it there) I am about 3 weeks into it. Here are my projects. Some are flops. Some are just cute. I have loved every minute of it.

And, can I tell you weary homeschooling mom who don't even have time for the basics, that it was worth spending the time.

Here is how: STRESS RELIEF!!

No kidding!

 When the child is doing the dreaded Algebra....I can crochet instead of sitting there antsy and fretting... I just stitch, and I DON'T YELL at the computer (Teaching Textbooks) anymore. No kidding. Now, you may not have that problem, but I can be wound a little tightly sometimes, and honest to goodness crocheting is bringing it down to a level of pleasantry.

 Praise the Lord.

 I am a crafty person, and it has been years since I have done anything crafty. I just can't tell you what this little hobby is to me right now. So, if there is something you have always wanted to do perhaps you should just give yourself a little grace and do it. (I really want to grow a garden......)
Now this was supposed to be a boot cuff.....laugh. out. loud...... oh well, it is pretty on her head......
Then I made the boot cuff and it turns down over her boots. Cute enough. Then, the coffee that not just cute?
And look, my son allowed me to make a Techie Cozy for his iPod touch. Then I made one for the metronome.

I also made a Granny Square... Oh me, Granny was sure smart. That thing about drove me insane. :)

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