Thursday, August 8, 2013

When Failure Isn't an Option

This is a hard post for me.

 If you know me IRL (in real life) then you know that my iPhone is always nearby. The iPad isn't far behind. We have too many PC's and they are always on. 

I remember a time when going online meant dragging the phone cord across the room and connecting it and waiting for the crazy sounds of dial-up internet.

Some days I wish it was like that again.

Is the internet and smart phones a bad thing? No way! I love them and as a homeschool mama, this mama at least, I could not do it without them. Do I wish I had never heard of facebook? Yep. A lot. That is a whole other blog post. Speaking of blog....mine was much better before social media.

Anyway, what has all of this got to do with failure? For me, a whole lot. I spend waste a lot of time. Why, because it is easier than high-school math. Easier than housework. More enjoyable than laundry and dishes. I have been way down on myself for months because I know that I run away through my gadgets, yet I still do it. My oldest is almost 18, my baby is almost 5. Time marches on. I don't like how I spend a lot of mine. 

So, I bought this little ebook  The Unwired Mom. 
I bought it when it was first released. I DID NOT read it.....wonder why?

Yesterday I read about the challenge and I knew that I had to do it.  Our school will be getting into full swing. My oldest will be a senior.....I feel the tick of the clock. I want more time. This is how I will get it!  The Unwired Mom Two Week Challenge. 

I love technology but I have known no boundaries and I have led my oldest daughter into this pit as well. I am not going to bug her about it. I am going to try to set a healthy example.

I am just jumping right in. I printed my ebook so I would not need the iPad to access the challenge. Would you like to join in?  There is a link-up to do just that. Misery loves company.....just kidding. I expect this to be a very freeing experience!

 Considering what is at stake, precious family time, failure is not an option. Besides, I have a complete collection of awesome Lamplighter books that I bought intending on reading aloud to the kiddos.

 Blessings to you! If you feel so inclined, leave a note of encouragement. I will check them during my allotted computer time. :)



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