Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Very Simple Menu Planner

Here it is. My very simple menu planner. It's so simple I wonder what possessed me to share it. ;) Well, I guess because if I could have found a printable online that was JUST LIKE IT then I would have not even made it. I like having the little square that list what we have to do that day. It helps me a lot. Since I am doing THM (Trim Healthy Mama) I print it two-sided. On the back I write the variation for the family. With THM we do eat mostly the same thing, with the exception of starchy veggies, breads and sweets. I am moving them toward more THM meals and snacks, but I really just needed time to get myself totally adjusted to it before adding the entire family.

This is my grocery list. It is organized aisle by aisle of my local Ingles Market. I do NOT go to the store without this list!

Do you meal plan or just wing it? My family hates it when I try to just wing it! They rejoice when I say that I'm off to the grocery store. I am not kidding, it really makes them happy. They also like to cook. It's really cool!

Here is what it looks like all filled out. I am a mess.... Look at all those colors and notes.

The funny thing is I am very much a techy girl. I love my iPhone and iPad, but I have yet to be able to do my meal planning on the digital gadgets. There is something about pen and paper that helps me think. (I need all the help I can get)
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