Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fuel Cycle Day 3- Deep S

This was my intake for day 3 of my fuel cycle. Now, I know that THM is not about counting. However, I have not been able to lose weight, and I do not trust myself to not journal my food.
Hopefully one day I will, but not right now. The Deep S days have been fairly easy for me, as I expected. The cabbage that I had was wonderful! I made it like this: 1 Head of Cabbage, chopped into thin strips 1 Box of pre-cooked bacon ( I know, but I was in a hurry) Good shake of Onion powder and garlic powder EVOO, just pour some on...this is Deep S day. about a cup of water Sea salt and pepper Add whatever spices you like. Cook in a skillet, covered until the cabbage is tender. Delish

This was lunch:

Now, on to my Fuel Pull days. Gonna miss that cream and skinny chocolate! :) Gonna love seeing the pounds come off!


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