Friday, June 7, 2013

Homeschooling~ Summer Style

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Hello! Long time, no post. How in the world is it June already?

As it goes, June comes and the question we get most often is, "Are you finished with school yet?" People just generally assume that we follow the same schedule as the local public school. Are you kidding? What would be the fun in that? I may be getting a little mellow in my older age, but I am very much a free-spirit still, and just the very thought of having to follow a rigid schedule make me get the hives....not really, but you get the point.

In my day, "summer school" was a dreaded time for many of my peers. But for us homeschooling people it has a totally different meaning. So, the answer is, no, we are not finished just yet. (Cue the strange look and questioning gaze) I try not to go into the whole spill about "learning happens all the time." That is just kind of foreign to the people who are only familiar with a traditional school. But you homeschoolers, you all know better, and I know you understand.

Freedom, yes glorious freedom, to school when we wish and break when we wish. Fabulous. So what does that look like here? For us, it is just too hot here in Georgia to spend our summer days unoccupied. The kids get bored and either want to be wet (in the pool) or inside. We want to be outdoors in the beautiful spring and wonderful autumn. We also like some flexibility at Thanksgiving and Christmas. The most time we will take off at once will be about 3 three weeks in July. School here is living life. When we need a break, we take one. When we need to school, we do it.

We are still plugging away at math and history while throwing in some fun field trips and little getaways to the lake. We will finish our lessons that are planned around August and then start our new materials in September. As usual, I will be tweaking our curriculum choices. I will use My Father's World as my core with some changes here and there.

How do you school?



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