Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Teaching Letters & Sounds

I have found a treasure. I remember that I was at a dear friend's house and she had this lovely little book. I picked it up and began reading it to my then 3 year old, Jenna.

Here is the book, with my 4 year old, Janie~Elise.
 I have probably shared this on the blog before. I adore this little gem of a book. Tasha Tudor is one of my favorites!

Over the years I have used many phonics programs and methods. This has to be the simplest way to teach the letters and sounds without the child really feeling like it is work.

The only issue I see is......little boys probably would not enjoy this book as much as little girls. I haven't found one similar for a boy.

Right now it is 7 bucks on Amazon. What a deal! 
 Also, we enjoy this book:  
 So, grab these books and enjoy some cuddle time while they are little....it passes so quickly. 



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