Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Healthy Latte....yes, it is possible (and it tastes good)

Yesterday I mentioned my new sugar free lifestyle.

All is well except for the longing in my soul for a Starbuck's White Chocolate Mocha or a Venti Pumpkin Spice latte. Really, for the first few days I almost cried. I have a Tassimo, and it brews some pretty amazing mocha and cappuccino  and lattes...oh my!

Okay, I think you get that I love some good, sweet coffee drinks.

The quest to reproduce that in a sugarless, low-fat version that actually is worth the trouble and worth drinking seemed hopeless.

Here is my new favorite, healthy drink.

Have on hand:

Gevalia espresso T-disc or strong coffee or other espresso.

Torani Sugar free syrup, I used the hazelnut flavor.

Stevia in the Raw, 1 packet

Almond milk, unsweetened. 1 Cup

I used a Froth au Lait milk frother. A hand held would probably work too.

Froth the milk, adding the packet of stevia and 2 TBS of the sugar-free syrup before the frother shuts off.

Pour it into a cup, brew your T disc or add your espresso.




Ahhhh....happiness in a cup!

Want more happiness?

Check this out!

Yep! 32 calories! Do you know that my usual latte would have come in at 150 calories with fat and sugar!

Now, I do not advocate using artificial sweeteners other than stevia or xylitol. But it was a matter of sanity for me. (The syrup is sweetened with Splenda) I have to have coffee that taste good. Period. :) Just out of curiosity I checked the nutrition facts for my beloved pumpkin spice latte. Hold on to your seat: 410 Calories, 17 fat grams, no fiber and 48 grams of sugar! Whoa! I think I will try some of Torani's sugar free Pumpkin syrup next!



Blue Diamond Breeze froths better than Silk. But, I think it has 10 more calories.

UPDATE 7-17-2013 Since I am now trying to follow the Trim Healthy Mama plan I have revisited this recipe during a Fuel Cycle, FP day. Don't have a Tassimo? Just brew some really strong espresso to counter all of the almond milk. It works just as well with KAL stevia extract,  sweetened to taste. A little vanilla extract added, and some Fat Free Redi-whip will make you feel all special. :) A Fuel Pull Latte! Happy, Happy, Happy!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cooking Experiment

I haven't said anything about my health goals lately. I'm just waiting for the right time. You know, the time I feel like I can do it and not quit....

Anyway, I've been at a new eating plan (I don't like the D word) for the last three weeks.

It requires that I eat tons of veggies and lean protein, low fat and no sugar. I know, your thinking I'm crazy. Well, that may be true but we won't go there. This is really like clean eating and that is something I've been really wanting to try but never had the courage.

I'll tell you more about the plan later. Right now I wanted to share a recipe. I felt like one of those happy chefs on the Food Network. I was just cooking and tossing in ingredients like I knew what I was doing. Boy, it turned out awesome!

I've come to love vinegar and spices. They add so much to the food. I don't miss the fat and sugar at all. This started with two chicken breast and a hungry momma.

Here is the list, as best as I can remember. I didn't measure a thing.

-Two boneless, skinless chicken
breast, sliced or cubed
-Extra virgin olive oil, 1 TBS
-white wine vinegar
-chicken broth, fat free, low sodium, no MSG
-lemon juice
-pepper, to taste
-a tad bit of kosher salt
-baby spinach, raw, about two cups
- sliced raw mushrooms, 1 cup
-onion & garlic powder , 1 TBS each
- Parmesan cheese, 1/4 c

Start with EVOO. Add chicken to hot pan with oil. Begin to cook. At this point I added the spices, vinegar (1/4 cup?) and poured in some broth, 1/2 cup maybe. When chicken is no longer pink add mushrooms. Pour in some lemon juice, again I just poured, perhaps about 1/8- 1/4 cup, maybe less. After mushrooms are cooked down toss in the spinach. Just let it wilt a little. Remove from heat and sprinkle with 1/4 c shredded Parmesan cheese. (If you can find lemon pepper seasoning that does not have MSG then that would be good too.) Serves 2

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A New Birth

During the last revival at our home church, which happened to be the third week of revival meetings we had been in, my Jenna was saved. I won't even try to write how I felt. There are no words. It was a so sweet. It was Jenna and our Heavenly Father. He knocked and she opened her heart. Glory.

Jenna with her Dad

Jenna and the Evangelist, Robbie Chastain

 She was so happy. She came up out of that altar with the testimony that the Lord had saved her. She wanted to be baptized right away. So, two weeks later we went to the creek. It was a lovely, warm day.

 Little Janie saw the solemn look on her sister's face and ran to her side. It was the cutest thing. She just rubbed Jenna's arm and stood right with her.

 What a happy, blessed day. Her father & Pastor had the honor of laying her down in that liquid grave.
This. This is our goal. The three R's are important in our homeschool, but the most important is that we raise children that will love the Lord with their heart, mind and soul all the days of their lives.


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