Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A New Birth

During the last revival at our home church, which happened to be the third week of revival meetings we had been in, my Jenna was saved. I won't even try to write how I felt. There are no words. It was a so sweet. It was Jenna and our Heavenly Father. He knocked and she opened her heart. Glory.

Jenna with her Dad

Jenna and the Evangelist, Robbie Chastain

 She was so happy. She came up out of that altar with the testimony that the Lord had saved her. She wanted to be baptized right away. So, two weeks later we went to the creek. It was a lovely, warm day.

 Little Janie saw the solemn look on her sister's face and ran to her side. It was the cutest thing. She just rubbed Jenna's arm and stood right with her.

 What a happy, blessed day. Her father & Pastor had the honor of laying her down in that liquid grave.
This. This is our goal. The three R's are important in our homeschool, but the most important is that we raise children that will love the Lord with their heart, mind and soul all the days of their lives.


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