Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What School Looks like Here Today

Well we are on our second week of revival. This will be our ninth night going. I've seemingly strained a ligament in my neck and after seeing the chiropractor, and still feeling like I'm 90 when I wake up, I'm moving slow and easy and suffering horrible headaches. Today will be lots of ice and heat on my neck and lots of coffee! I'm still trying to be productive in the day and not allow too much wasted time.
Here are a couple of snap shots of what is going on here right now.

Schooling with apps! What are your favorite? Got to love iSchooling!

Tried and true favorites. Stacking pegs.

High school studies-in her bed! Does she really know how good she has it? :)
The boy doesn't like for his picture to be made. :( one day I'll grab a quick one.

Then sometimes we learn together. That's the best!

Happy homeschooling at your place!
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