Monday, August 13, 2012

Our School Room 2012

Not Back to School Blog Hop

This week in the Not Back-to-School Blog Hop it is School Room week. What a great time to have to make pictures, that means the school room gets a little extra TLC, not that I would neglect the school room... ;)

Our school area has changed so many times over the years. Here is a link to a post from a few years ago. We have also schooled in a little "school house" that my hubby built us when we first started. It was an awesome little playhouse type building outside and since Josh was just a toddler it worked out great. he could play in the outdoors and we could school uninterrupted by the things in the house. The only drawback was heating it in the winter and the trips to the bathroom. So, as I have fond memories of that time, I really am thankful for what we have now.

Our school room used to be our garage. About 6 years ago my husband, who is the greatest, gave in and allowed me to convert the garage. Do I miss the garage? Not hardly as much as I thought!

Now to the pictures of our room now:

Our main school area for written work. 

The snuggle and have coffee area. :) My favorite!

The fitness area, I am really working on fitness. Perhaps one day I will blog about it.

Our super awesome white board. (It is a shower board from Home Depot)

The ugly wall unit does the job of keeping cool  or warm   and I love the bulletin board! It was cheap to make!

If you want to see how I made the bulletin board click here: Bulletin Board

That is it! 
Happy Homeschooling!


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