Saturday, August 4, 2012

Jenna's Birthday {the post I almost forgot to do}

Well, good grief! What kind of mom am I? I was uploading pictures for a blog post about our new school year and I ran across pictures of my dear little Jenna's 7th birthday. She had a fabulous cake done by me dear, talented friend, Tara and I just forgot to share it!

So, here you go...just a little late.

Birthday morning. Opening gifts before church.

A birthday muffin to start the day!

The main event: Brave cake!
Since her birthday fell on a Sunday we had cake and ice cream after night service in the fellowship hall with her little friends and family.
Isn't that the cutest cake!

This child is a sweet blessing! That little smile just makes my day. I am having a blast watching her learn to read and write. She is busy today writing a song. It is titled "I Love My Jesus."  What could be more precious? Since Jenna is the third born she has the advantage of having a momma who understands now that babies grow up real fast and that momma's need to cherish each moment!


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