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2012-2013 School Year - Picking Curriculum {and blog hop}

This is big!

I am just as surprised as the little guy above!

This will be my THIRD year using My Father's World!!!! I am still in shock myself!
All of those years I spent wandering through the wilderness of homeschool curriculum choices. The countless times that UPS man came up my driveway. The thrill that eventually gave way to a sale on eBay. For three years I have been done with that routine!

Did I say yet that I love My Father's World? Okay, I did? Just checking. :)

Let's start with Jessie, my upcoming high school junior. (That is equally as shocking to me)

MFW US History to 1877 (photo from MFW website)
Her core is the US History to 1877. Yes, the price is a little much to us homeschool moms. But really, is it? Considering what this education would cost at a private, Christian school I think it is a great investment. I have 3 others to come up through this program.

What will be new this year? This:

Don't get me wrong, I can really appreciate Dr. Wile's love for science and his Apologia Science books, but I just can't go there again with this child. Ah, the beauty of homeschooling! This is Biology 101. A DVD series that the entire family can and will want to watch and learn together. With the included Course Accreditation Program and Guide book ( you print these yourself) then it is a full years credit for high school Biology. I am beyond excited!  I purchased mine here: Biology 101 @ Rainbow Resource

Jessie will continue with her Viola lessons in the Suzuki method. She will also use Artistic Pursuits. She is my artsy child and I love to see her create. She has spent the last year beginning to take photographs for people and make money! She also taught herself Photoshop and by the looks of that program that is quite an accomplishment!

For the dreaded math we will continue and finish with Math-U-See. Bless her heart! :)

For ACT prep we are using this book

She will continue on through French although we are not sold on Rosetta Stone. (Any advice here is appreciated, please, leave a comment!)
To round it out she will complete the Logic course detailed on the MFW site for one semester and then this: One semester of Health. 

Whew! She is going to be a busy young lady!

Now, onto Josh (7th) and Jenna (2nd)

Exploration to 1850

MFW Exp to 1850 (MFW image)

The core for Josh and Jenna is Exploration to 1850. Awesome!
Josh is using Teaching Textbooks math and I could not be more happy about that!

For Science we will use Apologia General Science, and he will watch the Biology 101 DVD's. 
I found this awesome stack of papers lapbook to accompany this course. I chose to purchase it already printed. I also picked up the lesson plans for this level. 
L@@k at that a 3 inch binder.....what was I thinking??? Okay, I was thinking that it made this textbook look a little more fun and a little less intimidating! I will let you know how it all works out. 

For Jenna she will use the 2nd grade supplement that goes with this plan. I added these finds for her: Emma Serl's Primary Language Lessons Teacher's guide...I never knew...and I am glad I do know now!

Primary Language Lessons, Teacher's Guide

Also, I care not for Drawing With Children, I am sorry! I tried it twice! So above is a shot of the art I have added.

Beginning Drawing
I have purchased for Jenna Artistic Pursuits, but I don't understand why any art curriculum would start by asking the child to draw without showing them how to draw first.  So, that is why I added that DVD. Thanks to Tara for sharing the knowledge!

Jenna will continue with Singapore Math.  with plans to move into Teaching Textbooks.

On the topic of Jenna, I am still amazed at how she learned to read so well. I am in love with the fact that she learned to read not with only "Mat sat on Pat", but with starting at Genesis and reading through the MFW First Grade Bible Reader.

I am sure that there is more, but this post is long enough and gives a good idea about our year. Not to leave out little Janie, she will just tag along and will watch a lot of Leap Frog Letter Factory. I greatly attribute that DVD to Jenna being so ready to start MFW K.

Have a wonderful time planning your homeschool!
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