Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to get excited...

....about school when you don't stop for summer vacation. Start with coffee. :)

Take a small break. For me this is easy because my family loves to have my kiddos spend time at the lake with them. Two days works wonders for me and is about all I can stand when it comes to not having my babies at home.

Hit up the back to school bargains. New crayons, stickers, notebooks and markers are always fun.

Take time to evaluate how well you like what resources you have been using. Toss what don't work. Go ahead, it's your school. Sell that stuff on eBay and don't look back!

You still need books for the "next year", or what ever you call it. Have fun! This is to me what the mall is to most women. I love Rainbow Resource and right now they have free shipping when you place an order over fifty dollars. That is easy to do, right?

I am excited about still having little ones and have grown to appreciate the process of them learning the foundations and their eagerness and excitement!

Reorganize your school area. A good de-cluttering session always puts a pep in my step! Get some cute baskets. The Dollar General sometimes has these at a great price.

Got any advice for me? I'd love to hear it!

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