Monday, July 23, 2012

He's Concerned About Me

I have always kind of felt that I just got in on the love of God in a corporate way, so to speak. I have asked my husband, years ago, that was there any way the he could believe that if I had been the only soul on this earth that  God would still have sent His son to die for me. I have always had a hard time thinking that he could love me that much. So, for those reasons I think that is why these lyrics speak to my soul. Perhaps they will to yours also.

He’s Concerned About Me
Kyla Rowland
Verse1: I am troubled today; May be troubled tomorrow
But I know of mercy and in whom I’ve believed
There is comfort and healing for all who believe Him
And through all my suffering He’s concerned about me
I am more precious than the lily; more than the sparrow
I know who I am and who bears all my sorrows
He is my good Shepherd who died for this lost sheep
He is my Father, He’s concerned about me
Verse 2: With so many children with so many problems
He still knows where I am and He’s touched with my need
I have the Father’s attention through my Holy Physician
Oh, it is amazing; His tender care of me
Repeat Chorus
Tag: I’ll take no thought for tomorrow; It’s in the hands of the Father
He loves me, He’s concerned about me


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