Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My space...no, not Myspace. :)

When we learned that little Janie was coming back in 2008 we knew that we would have to get creative with the bedroom arrangement. Since I am an avid co-sleeping parent, we knew we had some time to ponder this. Well, that time came sometime late last year. I wasn't sure how I'd like giving up my bedroom. But, it was the largest bedroom that had the most wall space. So we gave the three girls our room and we took the room that Jessie had been in since we built the house. It is a lovely room with a large window that lets lots of light in. I thought it would help me become more of a morning person. :)

Well, recently I was reading in my Google reader and someone had wrote about have a "woman cave" in your home. This was suppose to be my space, but I really think my hubby uses it and enjoys it the most!

 Yep, it's mismatched, just the way I like it. The desk & chair was a gift from my mom. She painted the desk to have this finish. I am sure it was a piece from the 70's or 80's and she made it look totally cool again.

This little space made giving up the master bedroom just a little easier. The girls are so happy with their own space and they love being together.  And I love that!

Thanks, Debbie, for this shot.


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