Saturday, April 14, 2012


Wow, it has really been a long time since I have blogged! For many different reasons, I have just not been in the blogging world lately. When I first began this blog, blogging was the only social media that I knew of. With the Facebook craze and twitter and smart-phones that instantly connect you, it has been very easy to go into media overload. Although, I love my dear iPhone and all of its conveniences I  do miss the blog and really enjoyed it more than all the other. Most of the time Facebook leaves me scratching my head or just plain agitated. *sigh*

So, what have we been doing? Much of the same, homeschool, church, just trying to be a good steward over what I am given charge of at this time in my life. This past week we had a revival that was a pretty good drive. We were thankful for the iPods! Now, I know all kinds of memories can be made riding 2+ hours a night, but really, we are together all day and the quiet time that the iPods afforded were just great.
Here is a little funny picture.

We will be schooling all through the summer with little breaks here and there. This works best for our family. I really get to missing school if  more that a couple of weeks pass without it. I think the kids miss the routine.  I am totally excited, as always, for the upcoming homeschool conference. It is so WONDERFUL! I just get all fired up and refreshed. My oldest daughter has gone with me for the past two years and we have a blast! It is just a great get-away for us.

My struggle with the weight loss/healthy living is an ongoing battle that I am determined to win. We have been doing great and have found a new favorite food....Broiled Tilapia from Allrecipes.  It cooked in under 10 minutes and was fantastic! My whole family loved it!  We have been drinking only water (read that NO SWEET TEA) with our meals and that is quite an accomplishment. I just really want my kids to not have to struggle and have all the bad habits that processed food and soft drinks can create in us.

Well, I must go now and I really hope that I can be back here soon!


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