Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 83-86 of 100 Days of Health Habit

One day......

 I will have more time for this blog......

{So thankful for the time I have :)}

Okay, so this has been a week of refocus. It has felt good. I am not where I thought/wanted to be as far as weight goes, but I am lighter and think that by the time I count down to 100 I will be able to say that I lost somewhere between 15-20 pounds. (20 being very ambitious)

Today I racked up almost 11,000 steps without meeting with Leslie Sansone. I wore that clothesline out! 11,000 steps worth of house work? You probably think I live in a, just a house with 6 people (that includes a 2 year old....they count as five people right?) and a homeschool.

I would like to write more but it is late and I am tired. So, I will go. Have a blessed Sunday!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 81 & 82 of 100 Days of Health

I'm just so thankful! "For what?", you may ask. I am thankful that I started this crazy 100 day thing and blogged about it. Had it not been for this accountability then I would be off on the other side of this yo-yo where the scale starts to move in the wrong direction and I go for months without the thought of food journaling or exercising.

 So, as you have read, I have had some trouble with getting refocused in the last few weeks. Who would have seen it coming? Nevertheless, it did and I swayed and faltered but I have not quit. Yesterday, what I will call Day 81, was the day I just jumped right back into daily exercise. (I must do this to get anywhere near 10,000 steps) I got real close and at the end of the day, after a 5 mile walk I had 9500 steps. The biggest thing that I need to change right now is to get this exercise stuff done first thing in the day. That would almost guarantee that I would make my goal every day. HOWEVER, you dear readers, who for whatever reason read this madness on a regular basis, will recall that I am NOT a morning person. It is time to suck it up and just do it! Just get up early and get it on! Oh, how I am trying!! :) Today I did not get up early, but first thing (while everyone was dressing and having breakfast) I did a 4 mile walk. YAY ME!! Can I just say it again? YAY!!!!

Also, I am going to be really focusing on my diet and making wise choices.

Today, so far here is what I have consumed. {note: we are in need of a grocery store run}

Breakfast: 1 C Multigrain Cheerios
                 1 C Skim Milk
Total Calories {196} Can you believe that? :)

After my 4 mile I was hungry so for a snack I repeated breakfast. {196 kcal}

Getting creative I decided to cook a pound of dry beans in the pressure cooker.
I chose Great Northerns (is it not crazy how cheap you can get beans?)

I pressured for 1 hour:
1 lb Great Northern beans
1 C brown rice
1 TBS garlic powder
Some season-all

I love beans, my family does not share my love of them. Cowboy and I enjoyed a lunch of beans and rice. 
1 Cup {225 kcal} and this is worth mentioning NO FAT and 10 grams of fiber! 

So here it is 3:00 pm and I stand at 7000 steps. I intend of making that 10,000 today!

{P.S. Here is how I did the four miles. It was a lot of fun and different. And I burned 580 kcal while doing it!} 

Friday, May 13, 2011


This morning at 12:00 am the alarm on my phone went off. I was startled and grabbed it up to see what was going on. It said "100th DAY!" ..........ugh......

Really? Already? What has happened to me the last 3 weeks?

I did not intend to stall. I have been pressing on and just not had time to blog. Anyway, I am sorely disappointed. I never intended to have a break in these 100 days. Nevertheless, I am going to finish what I started. So, Lord willing, tonight I will report on my steps and calories.

In all honesty, I have said it many times. I am a one-track girl. I have been extremely focused on our homeschool. I have been convicted by letting things slip. I have had too many nights full of guilt or disappointment over things undone. I have reevaluated my priorities. I have refocused on what it is that I am doing here. I have mentally listed the things I that I can no longer allow myself to let go undone. There are books I read to Jessie that I want to read to Jenna. There are nature walks that I long to take with them all. There are nature notebooks that remain blank that haunt me because I bought them years ago. I have right before my eyes the proof that children grow I want to live these days fully. I want to not look back after these wonderful years of preschoolers and sippy cups and wonder why I did not redeem the time. I desperately want to be a good steward over what God has blessed me with.

So, with that in mind. I will leave this computer now. My "plan" is to continue the health post tonight. I pray that I get better at doing all things well in my life..... all at the same time. :)


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 80 of 100 Days of Health Habit

No I am not MIA~

I am here trying to get refocused.

First I will admit that without the tracking of my steps it is very easy for me to get lazy.
I have received my new fitbit and today we are tracking away.  

Thanks for checking in and I hope that in some small way these post help someone else. The main way it is helping me is by causing me to press on to the finish line, instead of letting setbacks become total detours that undo all of good that I have done for my health. 

This journey will not end when the 100 days ends. For me, this will be a long journey, but I fully look forward to reaching my goal of being in a healthy weight range with a healthy BMI.

Today I am trying to get in steps by doing 1 mile mini walks throughout the day. 

And, I want to share this timely email I received from Sparkpeople today.

Another Fitness Myth Debunked
Somewhere along your journey to fitness, whether in the gym, reading the latest books, or talking with your friends, you'll hear a lot of advice about exercise--not all of which is true.

Fitness Myth If you can't exercise hard and often, there's really no point.

TruthEven moderate activity is shown to reduce your risk for heart disease and stroke. If you don't have 30 minutes in your day to exercise, try splitting it up into 10-minute segments instead. Everyone can find 10 minutes to spare sometime during the day! There are simple things you can do to increase your activity without having to go to the gym: take the stairs instead of the elevator, jump rope or do body weight exercises (push ups, crunches) at commercial breaks, take a short walk after lunch. Remember that any exercise is better than none!

Exercise Extra: Clip on a pedometer and aim for 10,000 steps daily, which equals about 5 miles.

So, here's to health and getting refocused! (Which is really, really hard because all I can think about is the HOMESCHOOL CONFERENCE I will be attending this weekend! :D)


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