Friday, August 12, 2011

Counting It All Joy

Just wanted to share a little thought. This week, as Facebook is full of moms who are proclaiming joy over the kiddos going off to school, I count it all a joy that mine are blissfully around my table for all three meals. They are under my feet, making messes, laughing, playing and learning. I still get as excited as I did at first when our new books arrive. I get weary of NOT getting enough done in the day, but never weary of the home-educating lifestyle. So, we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, all here together. {we do not eat like this every morning}  Eggs, toast, sausage, bacon, cantaloupe and fig preserves! Oh my!

Janie doesn't always wear her big sisters clothes {backwards} :)
I joke that by the time I am good at homeschooling the kids will be grown. :) Now, my Jessie will say, "Good! you can then help me with mine!" Would that not be the biggest blessing? I am so thankful for where God has lead our family. I can't imagine living it any other way!


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