Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2011-2012 Curriculum for our Homeschool

What is the MOST exciting time for me as a homeschooling mom? That is an easy question! PLANNING the new year. Getting new books makes for lots of excitement around here. I am pleased as puddin' to announce that we are still just as happy with My Father's World as we were this time last year! It is ABSOLUTELY what I have been looking for. It still amazes me that I passed the MFW booth for 10 years before I tried it!  I just know that was God's timing! He just had to take me through all that other stuff so I would know beyond any doubt where I needed to be.

This year we will be doing:

Jenna is rip-roaring-ready. I have poured over the TM for a few weeks trying to decide if I need the grid like the one I did with the kindergarten program. You know, the more I look over it the more I am confident that I can do this without having to reinvent the wheel. I LOVE the grid layout, but I just do not have the time to do all of that typing right now. To help me come to that conclusion I just took a composition book and began listing each day on one page. I started with Math, then listed the LA and so on. Here is a shot.
I plan to use that format just so that I am not missing anything. I may switch to post-it notes in the TM......oh how I wish I could just make myself write all in it! :)) Do you write in your teachers manual?
Okay, so that notebook is a little low tech for this tech-y girl, but it helped me wrap my head around what all I wanted to cover. Had I the extra time, I would make my own beautifully organized grid.......maybe later. :)
As for the content of the program, I am just super excited! I have been spending some reading time on the MFW forums looking over all of the ideas there from those who have gone before me.

Next in the line is Rome to Reformation

Look at all of those cool books!! Yes, I know that we did ECC last year and that I have apparently skipped Creation, but we studied creation with another curriculum and so the decision was made to put my 6th grader in Rome to Ref so that he would be ready for the high school without having to skip any more of the MFW cycle.

And for high school!
 My second year of that! Oh boy, did my Jessie love her AHL!! She did the homeschool "box day" happy dance when her WHL arrived. The books are lovely!! I have totally loved having the lesson plan book. She absolutely loved it too. She loves check-off boxes. I love the grading helps. Ah, bliss!

So, last years MFW post "Getting Organized"  was wildly popular (for this blog anyway). It still receives several hits a day and I am so glad. I would like to say that all of the organizational things you saw in that post worked so well that we are continuing along those same lines. I still love the binders and will be going to Staples soon for more. We still love the map on the table.

For other subjects:
Math~my oldest two are using Math -U- See. I am trying to follow the MFW recommendations for 1st grade math. I say trying because I have been so tempted to buy her a math book!

My high-schooler is using Rosetta Stone French and loving it!

We like the Queen Language Lessons in place of Emma Serl Language Lesson books.

High school science is Apologia, we love the text-book on CD. We put it on the iPod classic. :) We buy supply kits from CBD. It is from Nature's Workshop There is just no way I'd try to pull all of that stuff together on my own!

I am sure I am forgetting something.

All we need now is just to dive in and get going. I really hope I can blog more of the journey of our homeschool this year. I would love to do weekly updates {I know, I am a big dreamer ;) } Many blessing to you all. I am looking forward to seeing who joins the Blogroll and getting to see how your school is going too! Click on the button below to go to Lainie's site and join up.

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