Sunday, June 26, 2011

If I ignore it, it will go away....

Well, I don't want my blog to go away, but I have been ignoring it for some time. Disappointments, failures, busyness, loss of name it. I have been there.

First, let me just say something about my 100 Days of Health. Lesson learned was that health is to be reached for every day and when you are as overweight as I am 100 days is not going to be the fix all. I knew that  and yet, I waited for something magical to happen. In a way I guess it did. I am still plugging along. Not as dedicated as I was at hitting 10,000 steps, but still not just giving up. I am not stopping. I have decided that if I have days where I feel this bad at 41, then what will it feel like when I am 51 and still in the midst of homeschooling? That is enough to press on, however long it takes. I will try to give sporadic updates about weight loss and what I am doing. (I do want to do a post that compares my Fitbit to the BodyBugg that I tried and sent back. If you are wondering....go with the cheaper is much BETTER!)

We are still schooling, it is very hot here and other than swimming and doing barn chores, in the summer no one wants go out side. We LOVE spend our days out in the spring and fall. So, we school. This year however, I am getting very ready to just have a few weeks in a row to not have to do it! I am still loving MFW and trying to sell everything I own to afford the purchase of MFW World History and Rome to Reformation. :) My honey says that I really need a new washer ( my old, deep one broke and my brother gave me one for free. The problem is it is a really small washer. I mean really, really small. Small as in, wash 3 loads for what I could do in my old one in one load) I told him I really can handle washing clothes all day...just please give me new books!

Next week we have VBS. Then the kids are looking forward to spending a week in my parent's new lake house. Then after that Greg is on vacation. ( that is a whole different story....we are just still thankful that he has a paid vacation coming)

Well, enough rambling. I have to get ready for night service. I am trying to find my focus again. If I cross your mind, say a prayer for me!


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