Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 83-86 of 100 Days of Health Habit

One day......

 I will have more time for this blog......

{So thankful for the time I have :)}

Okay, so this has been a week of refocus. It has felt good. I am not where I thought/wanted to be as far as weight goes, but I am lighter and think that by the time I count down to 100 I will be able to say that I lost somewhere between 15-20 pounds. (20 being very ambitious)

Today I racked up almost 11,000 steps without meeting with Leslie Sansone. I wore that clothesline out! 11,000 steps worth of house work? You probably think I live in a, just a house with 6 people (that includes a 2 year old....they count as five people right?) and a homeschool.

I would like to write more but it is late and I am tired. So, I will go. Have a blessed Sunday!


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