Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 81 & 82 of 100 Days of Health

I'm just so thankful! "For what?", you may ask. I am thankful that I started this crazy 100 day thing and blogged about it. Had it not been for this accountability then I would be off on the other side of this yo-yo where the scale starts to move in the wrong direction and I go for months without the thought of food journaling or exercising.

 So, as you have read, I have had some trouble with getting refocused in the last few weeks. Who would have seen it coming? Nevertheless, it did and I swayed and faltered but I have not quit. Yesterday, what I will call Day 81, was the day I just jumped right back into daily exercise. (I must do this to get anywhere near 10,000 steps) I got real close and at the end of the day, after a 5 mile walk I had 9500 steps. The biggest thing that I need to change right now is to get this exercise stuff done first thing in the day. That would almost guarantee that I would make my goal every day. HOWEVER, you dear readers, who for whatever reason read this madness on a regular basis, will recall that I am NOT a morning person. It is time to suck it up and just do it! Just get up early and get it on! Oh, how I am trying!! :) Today I did not get up early, but first thing (while everyone was dressing and having breakfast) I did a 4 mile walk. YAY ME!! Can I just say it again? YAY!!!!

Also, I am going to be really focusing on my diet and making wise choices.

Today, so far here is what I have consumed. {note: we are in need of a grocery store run}

Breakfast: 1 C Multigrain Cheerios
                 1 C Skim Milk
Total Calories {196} Can you believe that? :)

After my 4 mile I was hungry so for a snack I repeated breakfast. {196 kcal}

Getting creative I decided to cook a pound of dry beans in the pressure cooker.
I chose Great Northerns (is it not crazy how cheap you can get beans?)

I pressured for 1 hour:
1 lb Great Northern beans
1 C brown rice
1 TBS garlic powder
Some season-all

I love beans, my family does not share my love of them. Cowboy and I enjoyed a lunch of beans and rice. 
1 Cup {225 kcal} and this is worth mentioning NO FAT and 10 grams of fiber! 

So here it is 3:00 pm and I stand at 7000 steps. I intend of making that 10,000 today!

{P.S. Here is how I did the four miles. It was a lot of fun and different. And I burned 580 kcal while doing it!} 


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