Friday, April 1, 2011

This is what happens when you have a Sneaky Daughter

Oh dearest Mother of mine,

Do you remember when today in my utter shame and despair I told you I had no April Fools pranks to play upon anyone?

Well,you just had happened to still be logged into your Google home page and I most happily decided that your lovely blog needed a little April Fooling. Do you love being the target of my shear genius?

I'm sure you do! 

Now all that if left is to think of what else to do. Shall I totally change your blog? Spam your dear followers....Hello dear followers! I'm Melanie's genius child! Nice to meet you! XD Ahem,of course that would be most unpleasant and might take quiet some time. So I shall not. And now I will diminish into....Photoshop,where I shall be known as....not Galadriel,but Jessie.

My... precioussssss 


 <- Actually,it should be Jessie. Because that is not my name. But...Oh well!


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