Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day??? I've lost count (58,59 & 60)

I have not actually lost count. Boy, have we been busy!!!

Fun,fun stuff. Every day I'd think about blogging as my head hit the pillow.

So, the last three days I have got in 29,905 steps!

The calorie count hit a little snag at a homeschool event we had. Tables full of finger food. How in the world to count those calories? I had some fruit and veggies, that was good. I had only consumed 370 calories before we arrived and I did a workout that burned 580 calories. Surely, it was not a meal to ruin any day...just very hard to count. Those pralines could have sent me over the edge! (Thanks Mrs. Catherine!)

I also look forward to blogging about something other than health. :)

But for now I'm going to bed!


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