Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 73, 74 and a word about days 75-79 of 100 Days of Health

I am happy to report that I am feeling myself come out of the pit of "this just ain't working" to "I can do this!" 
Dear readers, I can tell you that without the blog holding me accountable I would have surely quit by now. It is my pattern: first comes all out know, that "I gonna change the world"  feeling, then the new wears off, it is harder than anticipated and boom.....failure. But, because I have a few readers who leave kind remarks and little encouraging notes I am able to refocus and finish. 

This week our church will be in Revival. It is a week long, nightly revival and for that reason I will not blog until the end of the week. There is just too much to do to worry about getting a post up. We will continue our school this week also, so the days are full. Pray that the church will be revived and that some lost wandering soul will come to know Jesus.

My goal is to not get on the scale until the end of the week. I don't need anything to get me agitated like that piece of glass and metal can. I just want to come through this week taking care of business and keeping my mind  on Christ.

Have a blessed week!

{Here is a link to the first post that tells about this 100 days, just in case you missed it! 100 Days of Health
You can click on the Labels "100 Days of Health" and "Weight Loss" to get to the post that are focused on this health habit.}


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