Saturday, April 16, 2011

day 71 & 72 of 100 Days of Health Habit

72 days.....

When I started this 100 days where did I see myself being at day 72? Oh, I always have the pie-in-the-sky ideas. I am sure that I thought I'd would at least be 30 pounds lighter and running marathons by now. Well, maybe that is a stretch, but I did see myself a little bit different from where I have been. The sickness of last week really set me back more than I expected. I have also dealt with the scale not moving like I was sure it would. Okay, I am not whining.. I am just typing as the words come. So, what does one do when the motivation has fizzled? There is really only two choices. {As dear hubby reminded me this morning during a much needed heart to heart} I can just quit because my body has not acted like I thought it should or I can keep on. It is that simple. Logically, I know that I must keep on. Poor-pitiful me wants to cry about how long she has not had a Grande White Chocolate Mocha {I'm sorry, I can't stand the "skinny" drinks at Starbucks...I'm spoiled)  I also am perfectly happy saving those calorie splurges for every so often and not three times a week. It is just when you get down you see all of the negative. 

I have a choice. Not really, I don't. It is not a choice to be healthy, it is a must. I MUST continue on this journey no matter how unmotivated I feel. I MUST press on. There are too many reasons not to. The first one being that today God has blessed me with the health and strength to move, the brain to think through meal planning and learning healthy ways, the support of family who love me. I don't want to live disappointed in myself for failing, yet again.  

I told you before that I am a "one-track mind" person. Well, lately my mind is just on school. The yearly homeschool convention {aka Homeschool Mommy heaven on earth} is coming up. I am so into getting ready for that and plugging away at our lessons. I am learning to focus on all of these and do all of these things well every day. I want to cook healthy meals, exercise, get all of our lessons in and keep the house clean and running......WHEW! No wonder I am ready for the conference! It is a the shot in the arm I need right now.

So, it is late. I got my 10000 steps in by cleaning and doing laundry. We have revival all week next week and I can't stand going into that with dirty laundry and a messy house. I actually work better under pressure....go figure! We did have a lovely morning fishing with some of our church family and the kids had a little egg hunt.
Cowboy caught a turtle!

Me and my dear Jessie...I just love her!


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