Monday, March 7, 2011

Sweet Peace. Sweet Love.

I don't know how we got here. I sit and ponder on it. Two people grown into mature love for one another yet still giddy with like-new love. How do some grow bitter and apart? And yet I love him more deeply than ever and I feel it. He loves me too, all of me. Forty-something, after four babies, flighty, sometimes moody, messy-housed, "honey your laundry is in the dryer," me. There is a deep respect that was not demanded. It was carefully nurtured and tended, guarded fiercely. I can't write a book and tell others how to do it. THE BOOK, told us. I don't know why He chose to bless the two of us with this gift. We just trusted that if we did it His way that we could be happy. Together. Joined. We are two, yet one. Were there rough times? Oh, those first few so glad God worked on those stubborn, self-centered ways. I think on those days fondly, I live in these days gladly. That is my Multitudes on Monday. So humbly thankful for this gift that has built this home and four little blessings. I pray and beg God to be forming someone for them who will make them feel as loved and secure as Sweet Hubby makes me. 

and counting.....
252 a clean house
253 the sunrise
254 washing machine humming
255 How his "I love you " still makes my heart skip
256 homeschool
257 morning bird singing
258 Rooster crowing
259 the feeling of home
260 church family
261 peace
262 grace, again


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