Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 57 of 100 Days of Health Habit

Blessed with another day! Blogging about it on time, too! 

Today was great, full of things that consume a homeschool momma's day. Inevitably, at the evening while checking my steps, I knew.....5 miles. I just about cried. I did not want to do 5 miles. I did not want to do any miles. I wanted to sit and chat and read email and read a book. I wanted to go to bed early. 

Enough whining!

 I  am blessed with health and strength. I am redeemed {that is most important}.  I want to live my best to do my best {which is nothing} for HIM. I am thankful. I had to change my outlook. I did my five miles and I am glad of it.

 I have lived defeated in this area of my life for so long. I have done everything but take the time to take care of this body that loves the man sleeping in this house right now. This one body that loves these four precious souls who watch me sweat. I was proud of the excuses that I had to do laundry and cook, they were very legitimate. But, they were keeping me bound. The little small place in my heart that was sad, ashamed and felt hopeless because of the way I had treated this body. No one means to get to being 100 pounds overweight. I did not set out to see just how obese I could get. Little by little, the "I'll start Monday" turned into a decade of Mondays. This journey is a fragile one. You may read this and think that I have it all together. I fight it every day. The only difference between then and now is I am winning small little victories every day that are turning into weeks of health......I pray they turn into years of health.


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