Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 49 of 100 days of Health Habit

*in my best infomercial announcers voice*

It's 100 Days of Health!!! Just what you need!! You will experience everything there is to experience in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle! You will get 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day, 122 ounces of water and 5672 trips to the restroom. You will get sweat, lots of it and you will try your hand at tasty, new, exciting, healthy recipes that are filled with those strange looking veggies at the market that you have know idea what they are. BUT WAIT! If you keep following you will also get what every woman in pursuit of a smaller waistline wants a PLATEAU! Yes! You heard that right!........

Okay, you can stop imagining  me screaming like an infomercial and I will try to refrain from sarcasm.

I think I have lost sight of my original goal of just being consistent. Because I have come to expect a 2 pound per week weight loss. The spreadsheet on my computer says it should be (don't laugh). I have become very frustrated over the same number that has been greeting me between my feet. 

So, let me stop here and refocus with a few questions. Yes, I will talk to myself, and answer myself here on the blog...just humor me.

1. My goal was consistency. Have I been? YES! more than ever.
2. Do I feel better? Oh, yes. So many things are better. Especially sleep. And my energy level is great!
3. Has my attitude toward exercise changed? It is a 360 degree change. Tonight at 10:00 pm I said "I'm going to workout.......(hold your breath) because it makes me feel better!
4. Have I learned to make healthy changes? Absolutely. I don't even miss Blue Plate Mayo (that is big, people)

See, this is good. But what in the world is going on with my weight? Well, I just don't know. I am studying it out. There is this weird thing about "starvation mode" In which the fact that I am burning 2800-3000 calories a day and only taking in 1500 is maybe not a good thing. That sounds so messed up to me! It goes against everything I have ever known about what a diet is suppose to do. However, I have NEVER, EVER, EVER worked out like I have been doing the last 49 days. I am burning more energy. Weight Watchers always said you could eat the exercise points that you earned.  I just don't know. The verdict is still out on whether I buy it or not. I did adjust my Sparkpeople range to include my activity level. It did change my calorie range from 1220-1550 to 1350-1770. How crazy this all sounds. All I know is that I do not like a plateau. Period. I NEED, CRAVE, WANT instant gratification. 

Oh, let me just say. Yes, I have been unhappy. But, in the big scheme of things. I am so thankful. I know I am so blessed. Please don't think I am all wrapped up in myself. I know that just to be able to exercise and serve my family and walk this journey is a gift. I am thankful!

Calores tracked and in range


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