Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 37 of 100 Days of Health Habit

Day 37?

Well, I've been nothing but honest and I'm not gonna stop now. Day 37 was one full day. A great day, a day spent enjoying life. But, by the time I had a moment to where I could spend and hour working out is was almost midnight! Remember, I do have four kids and two of those brought home their buddies. Which was just awesome for them!

How could I have worked in my steps earlier in the day? I should have gotten up earlier, before everyone else. So, today that is what I will be doing, because it is going to be busy too.

Learning to stay focused. Pick it back up when I've had an off day. Not say: "Well, I couldn't workout today so I might as well just forget it this weekend, and while I'm at it I'm gonna eat whatever I want." That was old me talking. Hopefully, I'm getting rid of that mentality for good!

So, here's to today and not dwelling on yesterday!

By the way, I said I was busy and I was, but you want to know just how many (or few) steps I had in? Just 3,400!!! Just proof that busy is not active enough! But, boy that was good coffee!!

All calories tracked and in range!

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