Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 35 of 100 Days of Health Habit

Today I want to talk a little about the whole calorie in\ calorie out subject and the fuss about if it works or not. I am not a professional dietitian, although I have done enough diets in the last 15 years that I should hold some sort of degree. So, I am just speaking from the knowledge of trial and error and the research I have done. Do I think that all calories are created equal? No, I don't! I do not think that you can eat 1200 calories of 100 calorie pack Oreo's and lose as much weight as you would if that 1200 calories came from lean meats, fruits and veggies. The latest hoopla with Weight Watchers is the notion that all fruit is free and that is just not true. They are trying to get you to eat more fruit, but not in excess. That is the point, you can not eat in excess, I don't care what food it is.    Pick a banana and not count the calories as opposed to eating that same 100 calories of some packaged diet food. But if you eat all of your points and then two bushels of bananas and expect to drop weight you will be disappointed. That is what I am learning: make better choices. Pick food that is as close to what God made it to be. That would be the best way to eat. Oh, how hard that is! I can remember when the whole craziness of "STOP THE INSANITY" bald lady came

 She was screaming all over the TV and what she was saying sounded great! Eat all you want as long as it is fat free."Fat makes you fat!!!" she yelled!  Let me tell you how many fat free hostess cupcakes I ate....and how much weight did I lose? NONE! Not one pound! I think I gained weight! What about when Oprah told everyone about eating a whole pound of bacon because it has no carbs....but every so often go pee on a stick so you make sure your body is not getting into ketosis. Remember that one?
So, calories in \ calories out, it will work if you are sensible and eat a balanced diet. Every day that I finish tracking my food I get a chart on the screen that tells me the ratio of my food intake. Right now I am struggling to get more lean protein. I know this and I can work on it. Balance and common sense. Eat right and exercise. It is so simple that it is boring and most people don't want to do boring. They want the crazy lady screaming some new thing! That kind of thinking has kept me on this yo-yo for far too long. 

In the end it is learning to be patient and just do the work. There is no quick fix. Slow and steady is going to win this race!

Steps: 10,175
calories tracked and in range!


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