Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 32 of 100 Days of Health Habit

Well, Sundays are always busy and after the one I had yesterday you will see why I am posting day 32 (Sunday) on Monday.

We went to church, then to Red Lobster, {Met my Mom & Dad there}, then we decided to go to Sams with my parents {because I don't have a card and they do.} Then we came back home for just a few minutes, then back to church. Then home again and of course I had to exercise because I only had in 3500 steps even after all of that running. And at the end of it all still fell 400 steps short of 10,000.

You might be wondering what I had at Red Lobster that did not just blow the deal. Here it is:
Cedar Plank Salmon.....oh my! I did not have rice, instead I just had two servings of broccoli. Of course, I  did have the Cheddar Bay Biscuits...two of them. That came in at around 800 calories. A lot more than I usually have at one meal. But, it is still workable and by the time you eat all of that who is still hungry? For supper I had a bowl of Kashi. We do not eat out a lot anymore for a lot of reasons, but even trying to lose weight you have to remain flexible. I could have went and had the 1000 calories meal (excluding salad and bread that would have been another 500-600) and been miserable afterward. Honestly, I did not even miss that feeling or the old entrĂ©es I used to order. Finish that meal off with coffee and the desert menu does not even phase me! It may seem trivial to some, but the feeling of empowerment I get at staying on my plan is what propels me to continue. I have been powerless for so long.

The good thing about late night exercise is you know that you are burning off some of that Cheddar Bay Biscuit! ☺ My workout last night burned 417 calories. YAY! I can't stress enough what the tools that I have do for my goals. I does not have to be a guessing game. You do not need spend a lot of money, grab a five dollar pedometer, if the Fitbit is too much. Timex makes some pretty good beginner Heart Rate Monitors for under forty dollars. The web is full of calorie information. While searching for nutrition info on Red Lobster I even ran across a site that told me how much exercise I'd have to do to burn off the any particular meal that was listed! Use whatever tool you need to make this a challenge and not a drudgery. It is like a game to me now and I like winning! One cool app is My Fitness Pal. (now I love and use Sparkpeople app, but I was browsing apps when I found this) The neat thing it does is at the end of the day, after you journal your food and exercise it will give you a summary that says something like this: "If every day was like this one in 5 weeks you would weigh ###." How is that for encouragement? I love it!
On a note of calorie, I used to cringe when someone would tell me to count calories! I think that is why I loved Weight Watchers for so long. It was a nice camouflage to counting calories. Those points were a nice way to trick my brain. Now, I much prefer counting the calories, because I don't have to find the fiber and fat and now with the new PointsPlus, the carbs.

Okay, enough about that. It's time to get up from this computer!

Steps: 9649 :(
Calories tracked and in range ☻

Later tonight I will do post day 33 and tell you what the scale has said about this 1st part of my 100 days!
Have a beautiful day!


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