Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Focus on Joy

I have this little basket on my bathroom counter-top. It has been there since Christmas. (Don't we always find one thing left from Christmas in February?)
I decided to leave it.
To help me focus.....
on JOY!

My husband uses this little saying "To blessed to be stressed"
Sometimes it would make me so ill when he would blurt it out.
I mean really, I wanted someone to join me in the misery!

That kind of living is so  tiring....

So I am leaving the lime green Christmas ornament that you can't miss. JOY!

Joy....even when precious daughter has the flu. She is so sick. Would you say a prayer?
Joy....when washing the extra 5 loads that this sickness has created, on top of the other daily loads, because this sickness should pass.
.....others are not so blessed. My heart grieves for the parents of two beautiful little girls, the same ages of Jenna  and Janie, who had to meet with doctors just this week to plan end-of-life care for them. I cry for them, a lot.
What is the flip side?
I have been there and don't care to return.

May you find joy in your life today.


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