Friday, February 4, 2011

Do I really want to do this?

I don't know.
But, I think it will help.

Ok, here goes.....

For the last 15 months I have been on a on-again-off-again weight loss journey. The first 9 months or so, I was totally focused. Lost 30 pounds. Then, {how does this happen?}It's like I just woke up and forgot how to focus.

You see, I am the type that is easily thrilled by the new and when boredom sets in I will go searching for something different. (Could that have something to do with that nasty little D word? You know......Discipline.....oh, that hurts!)

Anyway, so I lost 30 for the past several weeks I have watched that scale go up, nothing major just moving in the wrong direction. All the while I have kind of just played with my diet and have not really been consistent with anything.

It is NOT for the lack of knowledge or tools. I have everything I need except for sticktoittiveness. {Did you know that was a real word?}

See I have a FitBit....neat little gadget.

fitbit Wireless Trainer

I also have a Polar HRM in pink.....
Leslie Sansone....I should own stock in her company.
Weight Watchers....I know it like I know my husband....even the new program. (see the keyword...NEW)

I just got tired of thinking about it. But you see I am not 25 anymore. I dislike the aches and pains I am feeling. Honestly, It is not about looks, it is all about health and being able to take a hike and not have to lay in the grass to catch my breath.:) And I NEVER, EVER, EVER want my kids to look at themselves and say "I need to lose 90 pounds!"

So, here is what I am going to do. It is simple. Three things...100 days.

Starting yesterday I began a 100 day challenge of my own making.
For 100 days I will
1) Get in 10,000 steps or more per day
2) Track all of my food
3) Stay in my calorie range

I will do a short post about each day and if I was successful or not.

So, if I have any regular readers (Hi, MOM!) I will feel some accountability. I really don't want to prove to the whole world wide web that I can't follow through.....

So yesterday I:

and.....stayed within my calorie range
It was fun just because my little ones did it all with me. There is nothing as cute as a two year old keeping up with Leslie, well...maybe the 5 year old beside her. :)

1 day down.
1 day at a time.....{I am so not good at that!}

This all has something to do with all the reading I have been doing about living in the now to the fullest. I have cheated myself with years of excuses.

So. Here I go.

(Press the publish button it now.......quit thinking about it......)

{ I just want to update this here and say that if you want to know how this is working out for me you can read all of the post by clicking on the label 100 Days of Health Habit. Thanks!}


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