Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 6 of 100 Days of Health Habit

If there has ever been a day that  I would fall of the health habit wagon, then let me assure you, today was that day.

School took forever! There was some grumpy moments but I was not to be deterred. Everyone was going to do everything in their lesson plan....I get like that sometimes.

Well, after dinner I only had logged a measly 2500 steps. And.... I. Was. Tired.

All I wanted to do was put everyone in the bed with an iPod and grab a book myself and drift into dreamland.

Not to be!

I went straight down stairs and grabbed the 5 mile workout DVD.
I really did not want to do it.
And do you know what....that 5 mile workout was not enough! After that ONE HOUR AND FIVE MINUTES, I had to pop in a one mile walk to get the 10,000 in for the day.

Sweet Hubby ♥ bathed the little ones and I pushed through.

I can tell you that had I not been doing this little challenge today would have been the day that I would have  slacked. And let me tell you from experience that one day of slacking would lead to  several days of slacking. I know myself.

So, my first temptation. I won!

Steps logged: 10,124
Stayed within calorie range and tracked.

And I did not let them bake chocolate chip cookies, because today I have had all of the tempting I could handle. There is plenty of fresh fruit. Tomorrow, when I am stronger they can have cookies!

{Don't know what this is all about? Click here: 100 Day's of Health }


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