Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 22 of 100 Days of Health Habit

Well you will never believe how I got in a lot of extra steps today!

Are you ready for it?

There is an 18 year story behind that clothesline. When dear hubby and I returned from our honeymoon I was shopping at the local dollar store and grabbed up a bundle of line for him to use to build my clothesline. Well, I waited. And I waited....until......

..... Once upon a time a man and woman who was very much in love was blessed to have a baby boy. That baby boy would grow into the strong, strapping young man that would one day hear the plea of his mother for a clothesline. He, being the determined young man, pressed his loving father to call a certain family member who had an unused clothesline. In no time that hard working lad had plucked the poles from the ground and was ready to make his mothers dream come true...... :))))

And that is the story of how I hung clothes and listened to roosters crow and got many chances to go OUTSIDE (which is something I sometimes never do.....for days) It was AWESOME!!!
Leslie Sansone - You Can Do Abs
So with all of these steps I got today I took the time to do something different tonight.

Abs.....oh my.....
But on that ball it does not hurt my back! Yay!

Of course the kiddos think that is one cool ball.
I'll admit I was scared to sit on it. But the Amazon reviewers declared that it really was anti-burst! :)

What a fun day! (except for the poison oak now on my hand....)

Steps: 11,258
Calories tracked and in range!


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