Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 19 of 100 Days of Health Habit

Happy Monday everyone!

Day 19....almost three weeks! I can assure you that I have never exercised every day for 3 weeks.
Polar F6 Women's Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Pink Coral)Tonights workout was a little interesting because of the calorie burn that my Polar F6 was reporting. I have talked a little about it taking a little more intensity to get my heart rate up. Well tonight I did a 5 mile workout using 3 and 5 pound weights. Last night I did 4 miles in 54 minutes and burned 338 calories. I was tired and did NOT put my all into the workout. I just wanted to get it over. Tonight I did 5 miles in about 1:05 minutes with weights on 2 of the miles and the burn was 652 calories for that session. Wow! The weights instantly bump the heart rate up and make it well worth the effort!
It really is exciting to see just what your body can do. The more I study on nutrition and fitness the more I stand amazed at the body that God created. I am ashamed of how I have treated it. I am thankful that I still have enough health to try and turn around the damage I may have already done.

Steps today: 10,240
Calories tracked and in range.

Now for a bath!!


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