Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 13 of 100 Days of Health Habit

Well, is it getting to be a habit yet?
They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Yes, it is getting easier to "just do it" and I am glad. I want this to be a lifestyle change not just a "diet" which is usually just a temporary thing. I myself have lost and gained an untold amount of weight over the years.

So, a little insight to what has been going on. Well, feeling very good about my consistency I decided to hop on the scale and wait for it to tell me exactly how good I should feel.


What was I thinking weighing myself right now? I am way co-dependent on that shiny piece of metal that speaks in a numeric code.

So, my dear sweet hubby, with some encouraging words is taking control of this little problem I have.

Yep, that is my man carrying that mean thing away.

He said to me. "Your goal was 100 days of consistency....not 12, do not get back on this thing until the 100 days are over."

Well.....I can be strong. Can't I?

I feel good about what I am doing. That freaky looking number on that scale sent me back to self doubt and frustration. It is because I have no confidence whatsoever that my body will do what everyone says it should if I watch "calories in and calories out." I just don't think that I work that way....so I look for that number on the scale and it trumps whatever good, healthy things I have done. And that is just wrong!

Thanks Sweet Hubby for the help. I will try to stay off the scale {just please don't hide it. :)}

Steps today: 10,817
Calories tracked and in range.

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