Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I'm gonna try something that I have never done on the blog before, a theme post.

Thankful Thursday.

It goes right along with the amazing book, One Thousand Gifts, that I am reading. You really should get it!

So here goes.

Right at this moment:
  ~ another day has been granted to me
  ~ my perpetually optimist husband
 ~ that my children are all right here, all day, at home
 ~ home

And as I was browsing email. The subject line from this one grabbed me. It is from Sparkpeople.

 Value Time Before it is too Late 
(wow, now you see why that caught my eye!)

Often our days are busied with worry, stress, complaining, work, and a general wasting of time. Once we finally realize the value of our time, often for many of us it is too late. While your life might seem like a long time in the midst of it, truly it is a blink of an eye. Today, make more time to be present in your life. Even small moments--enjoying a cup of tea, calling a friend, reading a favorite book--should be enjoyed. Restructure your day so that you can get all of your work done, but allow for extra time to be spent on personal matters. Stop procrastinating! 

Have a blessed day!


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