Monday, January 24, 2011

My own count of One Thousand Gifts

Moved beyond words, that is what I have been this past week. One Thousand Gifts will do that to you. A story so beautifully, poetically penned. A book that the Holy Spirit has spoke to me in so many ways about grace (can  you tell?), thankfulness, time....this one life that I have and how I spend it. I have finished the book, now I am starting it again. The work God has done on my heart has just been amazing. It is a learning experience that I do not want to forget. I don't want to slip back into ingratitude. To a pessimistic view that drains the life from you. To constant frustration and that feeling of failure. The Giver of Life has blessed me, abundantly. I can't tell you enough.....READ THE BOOK! :)  If I only live another day, I want to live it fully in Him. So now I can say "Thank you Lord, for the little bodies who wear all of this laundry" instead of complaining. That, for me, is coming a long way.

It really coincided with what is going on today in my families life. The passing of my Nana, my step-dads mother. Really, I never use the "step" when referring to him. But, for the sake naming which grandmother passed  I will use it now. When you are with family, just being together and preparing for the funeral, your mind naturally goes to pondering on this one life and what it means. You see ever more clearly how the eternal   matters so much more than the temporal. No matter the possessions you have, it is the relationships that matter most. Relationship with Him. Relationship with your loved ones. Not the mark you left on the world, the mark you left on the souls you came in contact with.  We all gathered together and just that act seemed to bring comfort. My 11 year old asked a very powerful question, "Mom, this is nice, being all together, not rushing, why do we only do it when someone dies?"

Oh......why?......Yes, why?

So here is my list...

26)  family
27) THE Comforter
28) being able to make music
29)  the four year old who rubs my back
30) "I love you, Mom" from the 11 year old
31) Jessie, always helper
32)  candles that smell nice
33) the warm fire
34) waking to another day

And if you want to buy the book:


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