Monday, January 31, 2011

Multitudes on Monday

I hear of the death of a young woman. She is my age. She had a family, a home, a life she fought hard to live. I did not know her on a personal day by day level. But, many I know did.  I have prayed many times for her.

She would love to have time to clean the house, to wash the clothes, to tuck the kids in, to scrub the tub, to praise the Lord, to watch kids laugh, to kiss her more time.

As the book, One Thousand Gifts, drips with constant reminder. Live in this moment! It is all we have...

70) Health
71) Laughter before the sun woke up
72) learning to live in the moment.....without fear
73) no cavities for Jenna! Yay!
74) sweet moments recognized
75) learning, growing, living all right here together {Thank you, Jesus}


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