Thursday, January 27, 2011

And in Homeschool News....

Here at our little homeschool we are plugging right along.

How is My Father's World? Well, I am sure some of you on the blogroll may be wondering...





The simplicity of it is just so wonderful. Phonics is going so well. Jenna is my easiest one yet to teach reading....I am 100% sure that has something to do with me....not child 1 or child 2! :)

So here is an updated "Jenna and the A A Apple Song": featuring Janie, the two year old. Got to love that she is learning the sounds!!

On to Exploring Countries and Cultures:
Again, the lesson plans are just a hit with me. The books that are incorporated into this curriculum are great. Most definitely books that I would and have chosen to use. Thankfully, now I do not have to do the planning!

I really wish I could remember to take more pictures of Josh...but, honestly....he is at that age where he would just like for mom to leave him out of the pictures and blog....boys.....

The greatest thing in ECC? The Geography Game, of course! And, he is good at it. Also, the passport is a big hit. I love the map work that is included. I love what I am learning.

And last but not least. My Father's World Ancient History and Literature: Jessie loves it! I really wish I could study more of it with her. Last week we did the reading of Bulfinch's Greek Mythology together and I really did enjoy it. I never learned any of this stuff in school....really.....or I just don't remember. :) She loves her own schedule and checkoff list. She even LOVES writing the essays. Imagine that!

So, we have made it through the holidays and then several snow days, then the passing of a loved one this past week. Now we are trying like mad to get in a groove and plow through some uninteruppted weeks of school. I know that when the weather breaks we will all want to get out of the house and into the yard and woods. I've warned hard now...spring is coming. As it stands we will basically school throughout the year. Taking vacations here and there. We will be ready for our new books in September. I am already looking forward to the upcoming homeschool conference where I can see and feel all of the new books....It is a sickness....I know.

Speaking of next year and new books. If you are doing MFW now are you planning to continue with it?

Happy Homeschooling!


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