Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm Just Surprised at How Well that Went...

As you may know, for the last year I have been trying to get healthy and drop a few pounds. Well, I lost my drive earlier this year and for about 6 months just kind of played around with the Weight Watchers program. Not really tracking like I should and not working out regularly. Seemingly, I always get fired up in the fall (go figure, when it is the beginning of the "eating season") Well anyway, although I LOVE  WW. I could not for the life of me get to meetings and for months I paid the monthly fee and really wasted that money. So, I canceled my membership and decided that WW had been a crutch for me anyway. If I could go to meetings I was on fire, if not then it was like a licenses to eat for a couple of days. So went this self defeating cycle.

First, I found many useful apps that would track food and exercise just like the WW app. Then through my quest to find online helps like WW I stumbled upon Spark People. This site is FREE! The more I navigated through it and realized all they had to offer, FOR FREE, I really got a little upset that I had paid so much money to WW for so long. Really, this site is amazing!

So, I said all of that to get to lunch today. I am so thrilled at how well my healthy cuisine went over. In a house that would live on pizza you will not  believe what we had today.

Get ready.....

Do you know what that is? Grilled Salmon.....oh my....I have been missing out! Steamed broccoli  with no butter or cheese and it was GOOD. A spinach salad with cherry tomatoes topped with Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing (not my favorite, fat laden 1000 Island). My kiddos ate it up! Hence, I can't get over how well it went!

A well prepared kitchen took this meal from fridge to table in 20 minutes. I grilled the fish on the George Foreman. The broccoli was steamed in a handy gadget like this: Nesco American Harvest PC-6-25-30TPR 6-Quart Multifunction Digital Pressure Cooker
Which I could not live without because I use it almost daily. It pressures, steams, slow cooks and browns. I have put rock hard frozen roast in it and in 90 minutes had roast that falls apart. A gem in this kitchen for sure! (Mine came from QVC) I have been using it faithfully for at least 8 years!

OK., so will we do this every day? No, I am not kidding me or anyone reading this. There will be days when  we have a Lean Pocket, but they are getting fewer and farther between. I am shooting to increase the fruit/veggie consumption from none a day to at least 3 a day.

Well, today I feel very accomplished. With a 4 mile workout and healthy food, this day is off to a good start. And I have learned to take it One. Day. At. A. Time. Try Spark People, the site is full of health related articles, encouragement and recipes. It may take me another year to lose 30 more pounds, who knows. But, at least I am still going in the right direction.

Have a blessed day!


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