Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Encouragement to Press On

Here is a link to a great blog post and video by one of my favorite authors in the homeschool world. I have probably read Educating the Wholehearted Child at least ten times and Seasons of A Mother's Heart is also a favorite. I just found her blog. I don't know what took so long. :)

Click here to hear Sally Clarkson speak about staying strong during the warfare that we most assuredly are fighting for our children and how to help them when they are older and fighting it for themselves.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Some Words to Live By

For a few weeks it seems that most of my thoughts have been how to be more full of grace. For someone who can be very sarcastic at times, I know that to be more pleasing to the Lord I should become more like Him. And although He had times when the circumstances He found Himself in demanded that He take action and confront sin, I am sure that it was not on an hourly basis that he became angry or cynical or short tempered. I am sure he was not continually harsh with the ones He loved the best. I mean if I had been the Lord I know that I would have been a little more sarcastic with that Doubting Thomas, you know, make him feel a little dumb and inferior with a cutting remark! And I am almost certain that I would not have been so quick to ask "Peter, Do you love me?"   I don't want to render my faith useless to my children by being a grump standing in judgment of every one else while I act like a "mule eating briers", as my husband would say. But, sadly I have had days like that.  I want to be more gracious and patient and kind to those in my life. It just makes me feel better at the end of the day. I've been humming this song for days. It's a good old hymn that we still sing pretty regular at church. Words to live by.

A Beautiful Life

Each day I’ll do....A golden deed
By helping those....Who are in need
My life on earth....Is but a span
And so I’ll do....The best I can


Life’s evening sun....Is sinking low
A few more days....And I must go
To meet the deed....That I have done
Where there will be....No setting sun

To be a child....Of God each day
My light must shine....Along the way
I’ll sing His praise....While ages roll
And try to help....Some troubled soul

While going down....Life’s weary road
I’ll try to lift....Some traveler’s load
I’ll try to turn....The nights to day
Make flowers bloom....Along the way

The only life....That will endure
Is one that kind......and good and pure. 
And so for God......I'll take my stand
Each day I'll lend.....A helping hand.

I'll help someone......in time of need.
And journey on.....with rapid speed.
I'll help the sick.....the poor and weak.
And words of kindness.....to them speak.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Potter Knows the Clay

Love this song and Kelsy does a wonderful job on it.

Update the post to include the lyrics, as requested, enjoy!
 The Potter Knows the Clay
by: The Perry's
I know you are going through the fire/
Its getting hard to stand the heat/
But even harder is the wondering/
Is God’s hand still on me/
Its lonely in the flames/
When you’re counting days of pain/
But the Potter knows the clay/
How much pressure it can take/
How many times around the wheel/
‘Til there’s submission to His will/
he’s planned a beautiful design/
but it’ll take some fire and time/
its gonna be okay/
‘cause the Potter knows the clay/

Friend I just came through that fire/
Not too very long ago/
And looking back I can see why/
And that my God was in control/
But on the hottest days I’d cry/
Oh Lord, isn’t it about time/

Friday, June 11, 2010

Getting Organized.....oh, it's so much fun!

05-07-13- I am trying this link again. I have tested it and it should work. If not just let me know via email.
My Father's World K Grid

I have been working on getting ready to begin MFW, using 3 different levels. My little Jenna will be in Kindergarten and she is so excited that it makes me even more excited to teach her. However, the excitement can quickly turn to anxiety when I think of what needs to be accomplished. I know that I need to have my ducks in a row and be able to work as efficiently as possible. I don't have time to start a lesson then have to go traipsing off to find a worksheet or a book. I am as excited about my organized K program as I am actually teaching it. I can't take credit for the ideas, I can just be so thankful for the mothers who freely share them.

I have spent some time on the yahoo groups boards for MFW, there is a different loop for each level and one for MFW families. The one thing that has impressed me about the people using this curriculum is that a good many of them have been using it for years and that they so willingly help others who have questions.  It was there that I found the two main ideas I used to organize my K for Jenna.

Without further rambling I will do some show and tell.

I was impressed with the idea of putting all of the components in a binder. I found the best binder for the job at Staples. The Staples Better Binder is just perfect. Well worth the money! Inside I have it all, student sheets, teacher's manual and a place for other resources as well.

MFW recommends that you have 27 file folders, one for each lesson. I chose to have them in the binder. At first I was looking at using page protectors, but then I found these Avery pocket dividers. They just fit in the 2" binder. I separated each lesson in its appropriate week.

Its hard to see in the picture above, but the dividers came with labels that you can print on and then insert, beautiful! :)
As I go through the weeks I can easily tuck in material that will supplement that lesson.
Speaking of the lessons, the other wonderful idea was a file I found on the Yahoo Group page. Some wonderfully generous homeschool mom laid out every lesson on a grid format and shared it with the group. If you have looked at the MFW K teacher manual then you might understand why this is so helpful. It is a lovely program, but the teacher's manual had me a little confused. The layout in grid format made me feel like I would not overlook something. It really is a blessing. I have printed each week and put it in the divider for that week's lesson.

In the back of the binder I found these 1" Binder Pockets at my favorite place, Amazon, of course. I placed the Alphabet book in one and in the other I put the flash cards and the Teacher's Manual. (See that smiling face, she is so happy about her school stuff!)

There you have it, I also picked up a 1" binder for the student material. I am looking forward to filling it up!

One last thing, we will be doing Exploring Countries and Cultures also and I could not figure out where to put my map. I have had one on the wall and the youngins would pull it off of the wall. I knew it would cost a lot to have it laminated, done that with artwork and almost passed out when the man told me the price....after the work was done. I decided (after asking on the ECC board for suggestions) to put it on the school table and place a clear tablecloth on top. The kids already love it.
Oh, the places she wants to go....

Well, I am quickly organizing myself out of excuses for not getting the work done and that is my goal. I really want to make the most of these days and not live with regrets over what I did not get done. The children are growing so quickly, I mean I am starting high school with my Jessie and if you cant tell that is just really getting to me!

I hope this is a help to someone else.


UPDATE:  I know that a lot of moms who are about to begin K come here and read this post. I'd like to link to the end of our K year and the videos of Jenna actually reading the last K readers! Click HERE: Jenna Reads

A Final Word: August 9, 2014
Did you know that MFW has updated their K teachers manual? Please go to www.mfwbooks.com and check it out. Now it is in grid format and easier to navigate. I upgraded my own manual. Blessings!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Revamping the Homeschool with My Father's World

After homeschooling via the eclectic route for the last couple of years I have found a wonderful curriculum that has everything I have been trying to pull together on my own. Get this......ALL PLANNED OUT!!!

You might say, "Well, what is this perfect joy you have found?" Drum roll please.......

I have walked past this booth at the convention for the last 8 years or so, at one point I really considered it for Josh when he was starting K. I just think that the time had to be right. Let me tell you, planning everything out yourself is hard work and time consuming and I just don't have the time right now. MFW uses most of the books and resources that I love. I absolutely adore the Charlotte Mason and Classical methods of education and greatly desired to some how mesh them together.

So, this is my introductory post about it. I plan to journal it here. We will be doing K with Jenna. Exploring Countries & Cultures with Josh and Ancient History and Literature, their high school program, for Jessie (can you believe that I just said high school? Oh my, that just really makes me have strange feelings!)

There are some really awesome support groups over on Yahoo Groups. I can ask any question and within minutes wonderful advice comes pouring in. The homeschool moms over there are great and share so much, including their hard work in the file sharing.

So right now here is where I am starting: I am working on getting the K together and starting it well ahead of the others. I want to get rolling on one without trying to follow three different paths that I have never trod at one time. I have found a file on the groups loop that list the lessons on a grid, which if you have looked at the teacher's manual you would understand how this would be a major help and I am thankful for the mom that freely shares her hard work. I am also going to organize it all in one binder as suggested in another file. When I looked at this plan and went over the manual I have to admit that the cobwebs started falling from my head, thank you Lord! I love it when I start to understand things more clearly, I feel so much more productive.

So, hopefully I can keep updating our journey with MFW and hope it will be a help for someone else.

Off to work now!



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