Sunday, August 8, 2010

Homeschool Week in Review

Ok, I only have a few minutes to get this post done. But, I have really been wanting to update how we are doing in MFW.

Well, MFW K is going great. We just finished up with week 2, the lesson on M (Moon), and I really like how I feel that I am becoming familiar with the routine of the program. That is a big plus for me. I am also very happy with how I have it organized. I do find that I am not adding a lot of items to the folders to enhance the lesson. But, with 4 kiddos I have not made time to do that very much, but I don't feel that it is in any way compromising the program. Jenna loves it and she can already sing the entire A-A-Apple song. I am trying to get a good video of that because it is just too cute to hear her sing it. It is the favorite part of the lesson for her.

The big excitement was finally getting to start ECC this week. Although Josh is a 10 year old, all boy, let me outside to chop a tree  kind of kid he has loved this week. I mean really, he is so happy. He still loves time with his mom teaching him one on one and that makes me happy. The fact that My Fathers World has made it so easy for me to do this has just been the biggest blessing of all. After the initial set of of the notebooks I have found it to be one of the easiest programs to implement. When I say it is perfect for our homeschool I am not just saying it to be nice, truly it is a prayer answered. Now I can see why so many MFW users are long time users. I am so tired of the curriculum hunt anyway.

I think his favorite part of ECC was the passport application. He just cant wait to get that little book. He also loves the map work and science. We passed on the Wee Sing, because after 3 seconds of that first song, he very respectfully said "Mom, please don't ask me to sing that." I had to agree that perhaps Jenna would like it, but it is not something that I feel he will miss.

We have these Audio Memory Geography Songs and they are pretty catchy and I think we will just use them instead of Wee Sing for Josh.

I am so excited at how things are going. We had a busy week and I almost put off starting the ECC because of 2 homeschool outings, dentist trips and some church commitments. But I did start and I have to say that we checked off all of the boxes! WOW~ You really don't know how good that feels. I know by now that I am not a slave to the teachers manuals but it was things I wanted to accomplish and we did it!

So now I am praying that much grace will be given in a few weeks when my oldest starts high school. We are  using MFW Ancient History and Literature for her. She also is reading Lamplighter books, one a month (we actually fight over the book :)) Currently we are reading The White Gypsy.

The littlest one in my school is just as happy as can be if she has a crayon and a book.

Oh, and one last thing....I don't know what went wrong but we killed *gasp* our earthworms. :o


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