Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Jenna!! (a little late)

Ever since I have had a blog I have blogged the birthdays. This last 2 weeks have been so busy that until I looked through my pictures I did not realize that I missed blogging Jenna's 5th birthday.

We spent it at the lake. That morning she jumped up and ran to the mirror and exclaimed, "I don't look different!" then she asked "How do I get my babies?" so cute! She wants babies so bad. She tells me all the time she wants to be a mom just like me....I know she will be a better mom than I am and I pray the Lord will bless her with lots of precious souls!

This baby will have to do for now.

We spent the rest of the week riding in the boat and riding the wave runner

Then we went to Little River Canyon. Janie loved it. 

Yes, that is my daredevil  daughter jumping off of that rock.

Here is my Cowboy.

I love this shot. God's creation, so beautiful.

Yes, I was hot and red faced! We hiked a long way to get to that rock!

Then we came home and went to the Fabulous Fox Theater and were delighted to see the Phantom of the Opera. My Jessie LOVES the Phantom. This was her second time seeing it. It was a very nice evening.


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