Friday, June 25, 2010

Some Words to Live By

For a few weeks it seems that most of my thoughts have been how to be more full of grace. For someone who can be very sarcastic at times, I know that to be more pleasing to the Lord I should become more like Him. And although He had times when the circumstances He found Himself in demanded that He take action and confront sin, I am sure that it was not on an hourly basis that he became angry or cynical or short tempered. I am sure he was not continually harsh with the ones He loved the best. I mean if I had been the Lord I know that I would have been a little more sarcastic with that Doubting Thomas, you know, make him feel a little dumb and inferior with a cutting remark! And I am almost certain that I would not have been so quick to ask "Peter, Do you love me?"   I don't want to render my faith useless to my children by being a grump standing in judgment of every one else while I act like a "mule eating briers", as my husband would say. But, sadly I have had days like that.  I want to be more gracious and patient and kind to those in my life. It just makes me feel better at the end of the day. I've been humming this song for days. It's a good old hymn that we still sing pretty regular at church. Words to live by.

A Beautiful Life

Each day I’ll do....A golden deed
By helping those....Who are in need
My life on earth....Is but a span
And so I’ll do....The best I can


Life’s evening sun....Is sinking low
A few more days....And I must go
To meet the deed....That I have done
Where there will be....No setting sun

To be a child....Of God each day
My light must shine....Along the way
I’ll sing His praise....While ages roll
And try to help....Some troubled soul

While going down....Life’s weary road
I’ll try to lift....Some traveler’s load
I’ll try to turn....The nights to day
Make flowers bloom....Along the way

The only life....That will endure
Is one that kind......and good and pure. 
And so for God......I'll take my stand
Each day I'll lend.....A helping hand.

I'll help time of need.
And journey on.....with rapid speed.
I'll help the sick.....the poor and weak.
And words of them speak.


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