Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Revamping the Homeschool with My Father's World

After homeschooling via the eclectic route for the last couple of years I have found a wonderful curriculum that has everything I have been trying to pull together on my own. Get this......ALL PLANNED OUT!!!

You might say, "Well, what is this perfect joy you have found?" Drum roll please.......

I have walked past this booth at the convention for the last 8 years or so, at one point I really considered it for Josh when he was starting K. I just think that the time had to be right. Let me tell you, planning everything out yourself is hard work and time consuming and I just don't have the time right now. MFW uses most of the books and resources that I love. I absolutely adore the Charlotte Mason and Classical methods of education and greatly desired to some how mesh them together.

So, this is my introductory post about it. I plan to journal it here. We will be doing K with Jenna. Exploring Countries & Cultures with Josh and Ancient History and Literature, their high school program, for Jessie (can you believe that I just said high school? Oh my, that just really makes me have strange feelings!)

There are some really awesome support groups over on Yahoo Groups. I can ask any question and within minutes wonderful advice comes pouring in. The homeschool moms over there are great and share so much, including their hard work in the file sharing.

So right now here is where I am starting: I am working on getting the K together and starting it well ahead of the others. I want to get rolling on one without trying to follow three different paths that I have never trod at one time. I have found a file on the groups loop that list the lessons on a grid, which if you have looked at the teacher's manual you would understand how this would be a major help and I am thankful for the mom that freely shares her hard work. I am also going to organize it all in one binder as suggested in another file. When I looked at this plan and went over the manual I have to admit that the cobwebs started falling from my head, thank you Lord! I love it when I start to understand things more clearly, I feel so much more productive.

So, hopefully I can keep updating our journey with MFW and hope it will be a help for someone else.

Off to work now!



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