Tuesday, March 9, 2010


....as you see fit, then take a look at this blog post and the articles that it refers to. In all seriousness, it is getting ridiculous to see how many people in these United States are actually Socialist thinkers. Just take a look at all of the comments following these "news" pieces and you will see that way too many folks think that children should be turned over to the government so they will get a "well rounded" education. I could say a whole lot but it would probably not even make sense right now seeing how perturbed I am. And while you are at it skip on over to Parental Rights.org and GET INVOLVED!

And just so anyone who reads this will know, my children all know who Darwin was and what his THEORY was all about. They will continue to learn about him and all the others while also learning what God's words says about it. I fully expect them to be ever so capable to defend their faith and to be able to give a much better answer than I ever could for it! The way I see it, I am doing more than what my local Public School is doing because God's Word is not taught anymore and The THEORY of evolution is presented as FACT. Perhaps we should just start with the definition of the word theory.

Ok, I am done with this. Time to get a smile on and thank God for the freedom and for my children. Lets go learn some science and history, perhaps we will read the Constitution.


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