Friday, December 18, 2009

Giving Thanks

Well, we have been sick around here since Thanksgiving. Jenna was in the hospital with the croup, then Janie got sick, then I started that coughing thing that just will not go away. And just when I thought we were all better Jenna coughed all night long, I am not kidding, all night. Janie ran a fever and pulled on her ear and man does she have the runny nose thing going a faucet. Then Josh has had a stomach bug all morning. I think Jenna is picking it up. UGH!

So what is there to be thankful for?

One: My wonderful husband who cared for the 4 year old while I took care of the toddler. He is at work right now in the pouring, cold rain with no sleep.

Two: A mother that would interrupt her only "free" day to come and get prescriptions, take them to be filled and pick up other comforting things for the children. Like these peppermint sticks to go in Jenna's warm peppermint tea.

Three: And a friend that always remembers my birthday and gives me such wonderful things as an antique percolator that makes the best coffee. Coffee that I so much need on this cold, rainy day. It is so cute. Reminds me of my childhood (giving away my age?)

Just trying to count my blessings. It has been a little tiresome, but nothing like what it could be.

Now, I smell the coffee.......yum.......


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